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Vague allegations assist hockey player in faceoff with insurer

A recent B.C. Supreme Court decision demonstrates how broadly courts will interpret pleadings when ruling on an insurer’s duty to defend, says Vancouver insurance lawyer Sean Lerner.

Insurer to pay $180G medical tab after exclusion read narrowly

A judge’s order that an insurance company pick up the $180,000 tab for a man’s foreign medical costs shows courts’ willingness to read exclusionary clauses narrowly.

Unclear Language Renders Exclusion Unenforceable

Ambiguously worded exclusions give policyholders a route to challenge coverage denials, says Vancouver insurance lawyer Sean Lerner

Diagnosed Illness Not Needed For Mental Injury Damages

A Supreme Court of Canada judgment changes the conventional legal wisdom around the availability of damages for mental injuries, says Vancouver insurance lawyer Sean Lerner.

Delayed Payment Costs Insurer

An Ontario case shows the danger to insurers for delaying payment of claims involving suspicious circumstances, says Vancouver insurance lawyer Sean Lerner.  

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