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Insurer forced to pay out claim after failing to prove arson

An insurer needs more than suspicion to deny homeowners coverage in cases of suspected arson, Vancouver personal injury lawyer Sean Lerner tells Read Full Story

B.C. decision links mild TBI to plaintiff’s early onset dementia

In a rare move, the Supreme Court of British Columbia awarded a man almost $1.3 million in damages arising out of a motor vehicle accident where he suffered a mild traumatic brain injury which resulted in early onset dementia, Vancouver personal injury lawyer Sean Lerner tells Read Full story

B.C. follows Ontario’s lead on family exclusion

The British Columbia Court of Appeal’s interpretation of a family member exclusion clarifies the law in that province, but not to the benefit of policyholders, says Vancouver insurance lawyer Sean Lerner. Read full story

‘Aggressive’ to use insurance clause to deny rental car coverage

Using an insurance clause to request that a customer pay thousands of dollars to a rental company for failing to report minor damage to the police is an aggressive way to try to deny coverage, Vancouver insurance lawyer Sean Lerner tells CTV News Vancouver.

Fire insurance decision could be bad news for developers

An Ontario decision on replacement cost coverage could mean bad news for B.C. developers, says Vancouver insurance lawyer Sean Lerner.  

Sean Lerner’s Broad Insurance Experience A Boon For Clients

Vancouver insurance and personal injury lawyer Sean Lerner is ideally suited to assist policyholders who are having trouble dealing with their insurance companies after a loss or accident.

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